SHB drum and disc brakes are mechanical friction brakes that are mainly used to ensure or reduce the speed of moving masses or to hold stationary masses. They are used as service, emergency stop or holding brakes. The kinetic or potential energy absorbed during braking is converted into heat.

SHB drum and disc brakes work according to the "fail-safe" principle as standard. They are actuated via pressure or disk springs and opened hydraulically. The brake closes if the primary energy is switched off or fails.


Special designs
We develop customer and market-specific special solutions for a wide variety of applications in which the type of actuation, mode of operation or installation situation deviate from the standard series.

  • Use in the steel industry with ambient temperatures up to +80°C
  • Use in low temperatures down to -60° C
  • Horizontal or suspended installation
  • Offshore and onshore applications in seawater environments
  • Version for potentially explosive atmospheres in accordance with 2014/34/EU (ATEX Directive)
  • Brakes in accordance with the Cableway Directive 2000/9/EC and the Cableway Regulation 2016/424/EU
  • Brakes in accordance with the TAS guideline (Technical requirements for shaft and inclined conveyor systems)

Optional accessories

  • Manual release via eccentric, latching or non-latching in open position (dead man's handle) or hydraulically via hand pump
  • Cover hoods made of aluminum or stainless steel
  • Position indicators for various states with mechanical switches or inductive sensors
  • Additional pneumatic or hydraulic ventilation devices for emergency operation
  • Reverse operating principle: Releasing with spring - pneumatic, hydraulic or electro-hydraulic braking
  • Regreasable bearing points
  • Tie rods and standard parts in stainless steel of various grades

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Head of Technology / Sales Components

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Distribution components

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