SHB disc brakes are partial lining disc brakes and are designed for heavy industrial use. They offer outstanding performance through the use of cylindrical helical compression springs or disk spring assemblies. Depending on the design and power range, they use different release systems such as electro-hydraulic lifting devices, hydraulic cylinders, magnets or hydraulic power packs.

Depending on the series and type of actuation, our disc brakes enable high braking torques to be generated. They are suitable for a wide range of applications, in particular cranes, bulk handling equipment, mining, the steel industry, power plant equipment and cable cars.


Your advantages

  • Higher temperature load capacity of the brake disk and brake linings compared to drum brakes
  • Peripheral speed up to 80 m/s at the friction radius
  • Higher permissible surface pressures of the brake pads and consequently higher braking torques
  • Low mass moments of inertia of the brake discs enable high switching frequencies with low energy losses


SHB disc brakes in the RST and SST series use a cylindrical helical compression spring as the actuating element. The braking torques are infinitely adjustable. They are equipped with electro-hydraulic lifting devices in accordance with DIN 15430 as standard, but are also compatible with devices from different manufacturers.

Your advantages

  • Infinitely adjustable braking torque
  • Powder-coated spring in closed spring tube with scale in stainless steel
  • Automatic wear adjustment AVN
  • Stainless steel bolts, low-maintenance joints thanks to bushing bearings
  • Standard parts and other bright parts galvanized

Power range

  • Brake disk diameter 250 mm to 1250 mm
  • Braking torques up to a maximum of 20,000 Nm
  • Gliding speed up to a maximum of 80 m/s
Disc brake RST 1Disc brake RST 2Disc brake SST 3Disc brake SST 10


The SZRFH is a compact disk brake designed for use in mechanical engineering, but also in small winches and hoists. The brake is actuated via disk springs and released hydraulically. In contrast to the DBF, the application force can be varied between 2400 N and 9600 N.


The DBF is a safety disk brake that generates very high clamping forces via a disk spring package. The brake is positioned on the gearbox output shaft and can be used, for example, as an emergency stop and holding brake on the brake disk of cable drums in hoists and cable winches. A separate hydraulic unit is required to release the brake. Sizes DBF 60 and DBF 145 are available in accordance with the Cableway Directive 2016/424/EU. The entire series can be offered as a special version in accordance with the TAS directive.

Power range

  • Brake disk diameter theoretically unlimited
  • Contact forces up to 420 kN

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